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How to Get Great Video and Written Testimonials?

Tips to Get Great Video and Written Testimonials

Below you can find valuable tips and tricks to help create the best written and video testimonials for your business.


It is crucial for written and video testimonials to have a storyline and content.

A simple “Dr.____ is great, and I would recommend him to anyone!” is too general.

It does not give potential patients any helpful information that they can relate to. Any client doing a written or video testimonial may want to add background information on their name, why they decided to visit your office, what symptoms and pain they were suffering from, and what lifestyle changes or Chiropractic treatments your office provided. The more specific, the better!


Video testimonials can be tricky to film. We are here to provide the best tips to create the most successful video testimonials:

  • We suggest video testimonials do not exceed 60 seconds. This gives enough time to establish likeability and credibility without losing interest. It is helpful to let the patient know that you want a short video, about 60 seconds, before you start filming. This allows the patient manage his/her time better.
  • A smartphone or other recording device should have high quality, wide set video capability. This looks better when uploaded on your business websites, including YouTube. (Ex. If you are using an iPhone, hold it horizontally while filming.)
  • Proper lighting is key to make sure your patient does not look too shadowed or too bright to focus on.
  • The background of the video should be clean and uncluttered. You do not want anything distracting that will shift attention away from the patient.

Don’t be afraid to ask your patients to share their success stories with your office and online! You do not have to compensate them for writing a testimonial. The best time to ask a patient to write a review on Yelp or Google is right after you have recorded the video testimonial of them. A simple please and thank you can go a long way for your business!



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