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Google Business Page Posts Getting Rejected

Recently posted on GMB and received an email from Google saying “Your post has been removed from Google”, and wondering why Google has rejected your post and took it down?

This may have happened due to breaking one of the Google My Business Guidelines, bad luck, or a simple mistake from the Google end. On most of such emails Google indicates “Your post violates Google’s content policy”. The email continues that your post has been removed from your Business Profile on Google because it violates one or more of our post content policies.

Here is the summary of the Google My Business posting guidelines

  • Overall, your posting should deliver relevant and timely information to your business customers.
  • Posts should be relevant to the business and help customers understand the business better.
  • Irrelevant content or content that is not clearly associated with the business is not allowed.
  • Posts can not include contact info (email, phone number, or website links).
  • Google wants posts to be mostly about: business events, business offers/specials, and/or business announcements.
  • The post contains profane, discriminative, illegal, sexual, etc words.
Your post has been removed from Google
A sample of email from Google stating that the post has been removed from Google

How Does Google Reject A Post on Google Business Page?

We have never seen a regular process for rejection. Sometimes rejection takes a day and sometimes a few days or a few weeks. Below are the most cases we have noticed.

Instant Rejection

If post contains verbiage that is considered profane, sexual and nudity, discrimination, etc there is a chance that the post gets rejected in a very quick time. Also Google business page posts will be highly taken down immediately, if you include links to the websites that are banned on Google (such as drugs online stores, online casinos, porn websites, etc).

Delayed Rejection

The post may get rejected if it is manually reviewed by Google staff if the content is not relevant or news type. Google’s team may reject the post on the Google page within usually within the first few days.

What we also noticed is that there is a chance that they rejects many of the already published posts. In a few cases they rejected many posts for many weeks after they were posted.

Google My Business Page Post Rejection Frequently Asked Questions

Can I Dispute Google’s Decision of Rejecting My Post on GMB?

No. However if you truly believe that the post must be published and there is no way to repost the same stuff with a more compliant content you should ask Google support help by opening a ticket.

What is The Chance of Getting A Rejected GMB Post Reinstated?

Very low chance. We had tried this many times and each time we had received the same reason (we tried it for different posts on different Google My Business pages). So we believe that they do not even care about your reasoning.

Can I Edit a Rejected Post on Google My Business?

No. The only option you have is to delete the post.

What Should I Check/Edit Before Reposting To See If You Don’t Face The Same Issue?

The posts need to be relevant and informative. They do not like contact information (i.e. phone number) included on the posts or the photos, so remove them.

My Posts Appear to Fall Within the Proper Guidelines and I have Not Been Able to Identify a Definitive Answer As to The Rejections. What Should I Do Next?

If you have took care of the items mentioned above. Delete the rejected post. Post something neutral and update for your business. Such as a promotion your are offering. Wait for a day and the repost the rejected post (better to change the image, and rewrite it if possible).

Is it Possible that Old Google Posts Gets Rejected Later?

Yes. In one of the rare cases we noticed that Google rejected post for 3 month (10 out of 14 post were rejected)

Is This Normal To Get So Many Rejection?

Perusing the support community, there are many facing the same issue. However if you see too many rejection while your posts are compliant, I would suggest contacting Google support.

Will Google My Business Post Show on Google Search?

Depends. If you look up your business name on Google Search and you see a single business page on the right side of the screen (on Desktop devices, on mobile devices it would also show as well) you probably see the recent post if the post is not rejected.

How To Post on Google My Business Page?

If you have never posted on Google and would like to post you will need to login to Your Google My Business account that you have claimed your business Google page and verified. You may click on this link that I have explained how to post on Google My Business page.

Pandemic Time: I have Contacted Google and Had Not Received Any Response From Them Regarding My GMB Post Rejection. What Should I Do?

Google is currently understaffed due to COVID-19 and thus if posts are removed, attempts to repeal are becoming extremely time consuming. During the Pandemic Google’s responsiveness is worse than ever and they prefer to only provide service to its main source of income products (Google Ads, and AdSense).

I hope this article helps you understand why your posts may be rejected. If you still have any questions regarding Google My Business post rejections, please feel free to ask below. I’ll try to answer most of the repeated questions, as soon as possible.

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