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How to Get My Disappeared Google Reviews Back?

Here are ways to reduce the chances of being trapped in their filters. Some items on the list you may already have

  • Avoid pushing getting reviews more than 1-2 reviews per week on average.

(For example, don’t send mass emails or flyers to get reviews.)

  • Avoid asking people to write reviews while they are using the office WiFi.

(When Google sees the same IP address or the same device, they will filter the review.)

  • Never use a station computer (PC or Tablet) to write reviews at the office.

(A dedicated computer in the office used to write reviews.)

  • Train patients on how to write a review that looks like real a person’s comments rather than simple sentences that you may usually see on Google.

– e.g. “I love this office.” or “I highly recommend…”
(If reviews don’t consist of bigger paragraphs, the chances of reviews being filtered increases.)

  • Do not ask people to create a Google Plus account just to write a review.

(Brand new accounts have lower chance that their reviews stay on the page.)

Below you can see the criteria that we usually recommend to create high quality written reviews/testimonials and what they should look like to significantly reduce the chance of getting filtered.


It is important for written reviews to have a story line and content. A simple “Dr.____ is great and I would recommend him to anyone!” is too general. It does not give potential patients any useful information that they can relate to. Any client doing a written or video testimonial may want to add background information on their name, why they decided to visit your office, what symptoms and pain they were suffering from, and what lifestyle changes or Chiropractic treatments that your office provided. The more specific, the better! PERFECT!

Please note: increasing the number of filtered reviews may induce an alert to the Google filter system, where they think that this business is hiring professionals to write fake reviews, and this can result in a more severe filtration on the account; essentially, they may ban the account or maybe in future (it has not been seen at this time) de-ranking or disabling from Google map section in future.



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