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How to Post Video Testimonies on Instagram

Here is that tutorial for Instagram videos.

Posting Video Testimonies on Instagram

Uploading a testimonial video is quick and easy.

Here is what a typical Instagram page will look like (minus the 300 million followers)

First, click on the plus symbol on the bottom:

The last video/photo you look on your phone will be the first thing you see:

If you want to post an older video, you can scroll through or click the photos button at the top, you can select all videos to make it easier.

Instagram is defaulted to make videos square, but you can expand your videos, which look better as far as a format by clicking this button:

Your video will show more detail and not look so squished:

Instagram has a limit of 60 seconds per video, but you can always post multiple by clicking on the button near the red arrow below:

But, because most people have short attention spans, it’s better to keep your video 60 seconds or less!


Once you’ve selected and adjusted your video (don’t cut off heads!), you can click next.

This will take you to the editing section. We suggest limiting your editing to selecting either a filter that brightens the video or making sure to shoot your video in decent lighting.

You can trim your video here as well and choose the cover of the video, which is what users see before clicking on the video from your profile.

You can trim your video to shorten it and you can also add another video or photo here as well:

When you click “Cover,” you will be able to choose

 what the cover of the video is (avoid covers with funny faces or closed eyes!)

Trimming and choosing your cover is completely optional! You can then click next to go to the final step.

The final step is your caption! In this area you can:

  • tag your client (ask them for their Instagram)
  • write a catchy caption
  • include relevant hashtags

Tips for hashtags

  • Check Google for popular hashtags
  • Hashtag your location, service, any popular devices used

Examples of hashtags:

#chiropractic #chiropractor #wellness #health #backpain #physicaltherapy #spine #healthylifestyle #neckpain #getadjusted #physiotherapy #chiro #fitness #lowbackpain #chiropracticadjustment #adjustment #chiropracticworks #massage #pain #posture #subluxation #headaches #chiropractichealth #sciatica #massagetherapy #painrelief #alignyourspine #scoliosis #healthychoices #bhfyp

Save the hashtags somewhere you can easily copy and paste them into the caption section:

To tag the person, click on “Tag People” and search their name:

You can also add your city or business to the location.

Once you have all of this done, click share! You video should take a few seconds to load and you’re done!



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