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What is The Campaign Registry?

The Campaign Registry is a regulatory body or organization that plays a crucial role in the oversight and management of A2P (Application-to-Person) text messaging services. Its primary purpose is to ensure the integrity, trustworthiness, and compliance of A2P messaging operations, which involve sending automated text messages from businesses to individuals or consumers. Here’s a more detailed explanation of what the Campaign Registry is and its key functions:

  1. Verification and Authentication: One of the main functions of the Campaign Registry is to verify and authenticate businesses or organizations that use A2P messaging services. This involves confirming the identity of message senders to prevent misuse and fraudulent activities.
  2. Number Provisioning: The Campaign Registry is often responsible for allocating and managing the use of special phone numbers or shortcodes that are used for A2P messaging. These numbers are typically dedicated to commercial messaging and are distinct from regular phone numbers.
  3. Compliance and Regulation: The Campaign Registry establishes and enforces rules, guidelines, and regulations related to A2P messaging. This includes ensuring compliance with industry standards, legal requirements, and best practices.
  4. Monitoring and Reporting: It monitors A2P messaging traffic to detect any suspicious or non-compliant activities. The Campaign Registry may require reporting from businesses to track message volumes and purposes.
  5. Anti-Spam Measures: To combat spam and unsolicited messages, the Campaign Registry may implement measures to filter out unwanted or harmful content from A2P messages. This helps protect consumers from unwanted communication.
  6. Enhancing Trust and Reliability: By overseeing A2P messaging operations, the Campaign Registry aims to enhance the trust and reliability of A2P messaging services for both businesses and consumers. This fosters confidence in the messaging ecosystem.
  7. Collaboration: The Campaign Registry often collaborates with mobile network operators, messaging service providers, and other stakeholders in the messaging industry to establish industry-wide standards and practices.
  8. Information Security: It may also be involved in ensuring the security of the data and information exchanged in A2P messaging, protecting businesses and consumers from potential data breaches or privacy violations.

The specific roles and responsibilities of a Campaign Registry can vary by region and country, as different regulatory bodies may oversee A2P messaging in different ways. However, the overarching goal is to maintain the integrity and effectiveness of A2P messaging while safeguarding consumers’ interests and data privacy.

As mentioned in your earlier question, businesses that engage in A2P messaging must comply with the Campaign Registry’s regulations and provide accurate business information for authentication and verification purposes. This helps create a more secure and trustworthy messaging environment for all parties involved.

Important Information Required by the Campaign Registry for A2P Text Messaging

To ensure compliance and the smooth delivery of outgoing text messages, the Campaign Registry mandates that businesses provide specific business information.

What information is needed?

To comply with the Campaign Registry’s requirements, we kindly ask you to provide the following business information:

  1. Business Name: Please provide your full legal business name.
  2. Business Address: Share your official business address.
  3. Business Type: i.e., Corporation, or LLC, etc.
  4. Business EIN: Business Tax ID
  5. Business Phone Number: Include a contact number for urgent communications related to your A2P messaging.
  6. Business Website: If applicable, please provide your website URL to establish your online presence.
  7. Brief Description: A brief description of your business’s nature or the purpose of the messages you intend to send.

How to provide this information:

You can securely submit the requested business information directly to the Campaign Registry through their designated portal. Rest assured that the Campaign Registry treats this information with the utmost confidentiality and uses it solely for verification purposes.

When is this information needed?

To prevent any potential disruption in your A2P messaging services, submit the A2P application ASAP.



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