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How To Delegate Access in GoDaddy?

If you’re looking to give your GoDaddy account access to your web developer or marketing company, you can authorize them to use your GoDaddy account from their own GoDaddy users without sharing your username and password. Unless you are working with a reputable and legal company/person it is highly recommended that you use this feature to give access to your GoDaddy account, otherwise you may face a big risk of losing your domains.

In order to delegate access to another person or company you can simply follow the steps below:

  1. When you are signed in to your GoDaddy account, you can visit
  2. Under the “People who can access my account” section, click on “Invite to Access.

a. Use Name: Put the name of the person or company who’s going to access your account
b. Use Email: This should be the email address of the person or company that is registered with their GoDaddy account
c. Role: Select what type of access they can have. (i.e. “Products, Domains, & Purchase”)
d. Click on the Invite button


How To Delegate Access to One Domain Only in GoDaddy?

It is not possible at the moment. Once you give permission to others to manage your products or domains that user will have access to all domains and all services across your GoDaddy account.

How To Remove Someone’s Access from My GoDaddy Account?

If you have delegated access to a user and now you want to remove the person, you can simply visit and under the “People who can access my account” section find the person, and click on the edit button. Then you will see the “Delete” Option.Removing Delegate Access From GoDaddyRemoving Delegate Access From GoDaddy



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