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Why You Need To Have SSL For Your Website

I have been asked by some of my clients in the past few years why they have to pay for SSL fees, installation fees, and renewal fees. If you have the same question and you wonder whether it is worth the cost or not please read below.

If you don’t know what SSL is, in simple words I describe it as it means the communication between the user web browser and the server is encrypted and secured. SSL has been used by most big companies for many years but since 2017 more websites adopted using it and it became a standard for all websites including personal websites and small business websites once Google (Google Chrome) and many other web browsers announced that they require SSL otherwise they will alert the users browsing.

Benefits of Adding SSL to Your Website

Here are some important reasons to add SSL to your website:

  • Not to be listed as not secured website (on web browsers).
  • It negatively affects website ranking (SEO)
  • Web browsers may show a notice that this website is not safe when a person wants to fill out any website form.
  • HIPPA highly recommends this. If the nature of your business deals with sensitive information it is a must now.
  • People trust the website more. 



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